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3 Things You Should Know About Silverfish Control - Pest Control Brisbane

3 Things You Should Know About Silverfish Control

3 Things You Should Know About Silverfish Control

Silverfish are mostly known for two things. The way they squirm like fish in the home and for their eating habits which are too destructive. You can easily identify them, as they have antennae in their body and they are silver in color. If you are a property owner and if you have found a silverfish in your home, then, it is a piece of very bad news for you. You should do silverfish control as soon as possible. In this article, we will discuss three things that you should know about silverfish control.

Silverfish Control Services

Are Silverfish Really A Threat To Health?

Silverfish are not the only pest that infests at home. But, they don’t intend to pose any health risk like other pests. Silverfish don’t carry any bacteria or diseases and they don’t even bite humans. But, in some situations, they can cause mild allergic problems and this only happens to a very small amount of people. The biggest threat that knocks on the door with their infestation is that they are chewing insects and they damage all the things or personal belongings in the home.

They are one of the pests who can survive in all kinds of crucial climatic conditions but they love to live in dark or damp areas like your garage, basement, or bathroom. Once they get into your home and hide, they will start destroying everything in your home.

Silverfish generally love to feed themselves with those things which contain sugar, carbohydrates, or starches. They attack the oats, grains, or vegetables, and especially they love to feed themselves by destroying books, magazines, or newspapers. So, Pest control is actually needed.

It is possible that you find their infestations in various rooms of your home, so you should not leave any of your rooms while doing silverfish control. They can come inside you in many pest solutions & ways, so you better keep an eye.

How To Prevent Silverfish?

Silverfish don’t go easily, they are kind of stubborn pests and that’s the reason, silverfish control is not an easy task. But, don’t worry we have some easy ways for silverfish control, by following them everything will be sorted for you.

  • Before bringing anything inside the home, you should inspect the thing whether it is cardboard boxes or plastic containers. Check thoroughly as silverfish can come inside by hiding in these things.
  • Seal all the gaps, cracks, or crevices. So that they don’t get their way to your home.
  • For silverfish control, you should regularly clean or declutter your home and keep shifting your furniture position.

By doing these things, you will be able to do silverfish control on your own.

What To Do About The Silverfish Infestation?

If your home is providing or fulfilling all the needs of silverfish, then, just forget that they will go away from your home. You can try DIY techniques but still, it will be better to hire professional pest control, they will do silverfish control in your home very efficiently and remove them permanently. 


So, these are the 3 things that you needed to know about silverfish control. We hope that this article cleared all your doubts regarding silverfish control.